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The latest case of indoor playground trampoline
Datetime: 2017/11/21 16:20:55  Hits: 1094

This is the latest case of USA trampoline club. After 2 months negotiation including 3D design according to CAD, quotation, contract, product manufacture, shipment and installment, we completed the trampoline project of 189 square meter and gain the high compliment.

This kind of umping Mats are made of PVC materials and you can make border on it.

Mat thickness is 40mm, and galvanized steels are inside and outside.

Safety Net  with polyethylene or Polyester materials, wide 3M.

It is popular for Amusement park , Indoor Themed park, Shopping mall ,Play center ,Residential area use , Trampolining is a fun alternative to the gym and can lower your blood pressure & cholesterol, improve your health, and help you lose weight ! Many friends are here, and you're about to have more fun .Fun for all ages and abilities, whole family members , all friends can come .