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The first choice for outdoor playground -- Combined Slide
Datetime: 2018/4/28 13:21:18  Hits: 1001

Children's combined slide set is a combination of fitness and entertainment. According to children's interests and hobbies, it is a new type of children's paradise.It is designed for children like drill, climb, slide, etc., with bright colors, strong entertainment, complete functions and reliable quality.The facilities of the amusement equipment usually include the door, bridge, sliding tube, roof, staircase, platform, column, ladder, slide, climbing pipe, and rope network;The slides are all connected with the fastener, and there is no sharp object protruding on the surface. Each part has multiple models and various color choices.It can also be customized and produced according to the needs of customers.And bright colors, not easy fade Jiananmeidi furniture products, high strength, antistatic, wear-resisting, sun resistance, ageing resistance, crack, structural safety and durability, and Jiananmeidi furniture slide design clever children, colour is tie-in harmony, plastic parts of clever union, children's amusement equipment security brings to the child, joy and lively feeling.

Large plastic slide series product by the unique and ever-changing game design, the construction of playgrounds, kindergartens, community can in the limited space to create infinite joy and attractive, style fashion, generous, high-grade.