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Bumper car is being very popular for kids and parents
Datetime: 2018/3/26 16:45:10  Hits: 1143

After the Spring Festival, Guangdong has a mild climate. Thanks to the climate recovery and the festive atmosphere,  many families are mobilizing to take children out to play. The playground is crowded with people. Mobile games are the most popular. Not only children,  but also many parents like to play. So the entrance of the amusement equipment was lined up, especially the entrance to the bumper cars, filled with people. Because bumper cars can usually take two people, parents and children play together not only to protect the child, but also to enhance the relationship between the two sides.The parent-child interaction is very harmonious.

In recent years, bumper cars have attracted wide attention because of their interest.Many amusement parks have bumper cars, as well as large shopping malls, squares, parks and other places that are not playground equipment.Therefore, the development prospect of bumper cars is still considerable.