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2017/11/21 16:20:55
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2017/11/24 11:50:30
The new factory of Jiananmeidi Amusement company was completed in Oct. 4th, 2017, and it is located in Guangzhou Qingyuan pask, which covers an area of more than 8000 square meter.
2017/11/26 0:00:00
The new products of Jiananmeidi Amusement CompanyChildren park is an area of natural or planted space, which is set for human enjoyment.
2017/11/27 10:00:33
All the fiberglass equipment such as splash pads, water slides, aqua playground and so on are all made from the mold.
2017/12/2 15:51:13
What kind of children's play equipment could make children stay with it for a long time and not bored? This problem is that certainly a lot of franchisees and producers who focus on children's amusement devices want to explore. Jiananmeidi Amusement summarizes the following points, I hope they will be helpful.
2017/12/11 15:37:00
Jiananmeidi amusement equipment company is very popular in China and we are supposed to purchasing the quality all the time.